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fauna and flora.
The kiwi is special to New Zealand. But the truth is we don’t yet know all we could about our national icon. At Atarau Sanctuary, we are working to better understand and protect endemic fauna and flora, starting with great spotted kiwi.

Bio-Acoustic Monitoring

Advancing technology-led conservation in New Zealand
At Atarau Sanctuary, we are working to study vocal identification of great spotted kiwi through the development of bio-acoustic technologies as a non-invasive means of monitoring. The ability to individually identify and monitor kiwi throughout their entire life will provide a far more accurate picture of their lifecycle, significantly improving our overall knowledge of the species. We believe knowledge shared is knowledge increased, and by building a collaborative team of experts to develop and implement this bio-acoustic technology, we know the benefits will be wide-reaching across many New Zealand conservation efforts and endemic species in future.

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Kiwi Crèche

A predator-free zone to raise kiwi chicks
Located near Greymouth, Atarau Sanctuary’s purpose-built, predator-free kiwi crèche supports Paparoa Wildlife Trust’s Operation Nest Egg (ONE) project by providing a place where great spotted kiwi chicks can be safely raised until they are big enough to be released and monitored in the wild. Operating since 2010, this is the first land-based pest-proof crèche specifically for kiwi in the South Island and the only facility in New Zealand for great spotted kiwi.

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Forest Regeneration

Regrowing our native surroundings
We are also working towards long term and widespread regeneration of native forest; beginning on the Sanctuary’s own land, it is our vision to extend this activity and learnings from it to future forest regeneration projects across New Zealand.

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